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M+E MARRIED | Manoir Rouville Campbell PHOTOGRAPHY

Vatche Vick was the photographer for my friend Sonia’s destination wedding in Cuba in 2010.

When we saw Sonia’s pictures, we immediately knew that if one day we would have our dream wedding, Vatche Vick would have to be part of it. So, as soon as we booked the venue and had a date, we contracted Vatche Vick… a year and a half in advance, to make sure he was available. And we did not regret it.

He was as professional as possible, visited the venue in advance and chose shooting locations, was sharp on time, staid longer than convened to make sure every important moment was immortalized…but most importantly, he was fun to be around, brought calmness when there was panic, and seemed to genuinely care.

We have been waiting anxiously for the pictures since that day, because we know that under his special, expert eye everything would look even more amazing.

Madalina & Edwin

And I’d like to thank Harout Karnigian for second shooting with me, these are a few of my favourites.

Reception: Manoir Rouville campbell

Makeup : Salon Deauville

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