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We were so impressed by Vatche Vick’s work that we flew him out to Los Angeles for our wedding. If it wasn’t for Vatche’s perseverance, charisma, and undeniable dedication to his art, we wouldn’t have had all of our wonderful moments captured as beautifully as he did.

Vatche quickly became our friend and understood our vision for the day. He was with us through and through, and literally almost never left our site.

Thank you for all you do but especially for your passion and kind soul.

You have seen many weddings we are sure, but we know each hold a special place in your heart. You captured every important moment from our day, and we will forever be grateful for that.

We would also like to thank Marc Flores for second shooting.

Love: Ella & Hagop

These are a few of my favourites.

Wedding Planner: yvette hart

Reception             : Mountain gate club Los Angeles

Make up and Hair : Lillian Vicky

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