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Photography is creating art having the one material called life. It is the delicate effort of capturing emotions, relationships, connections, eye-contact, laughter, tears, silence and joyful noise. Have you ever looked at a photo and heard the laughter depicted on it? Have you ever felt the chemistry of a loving couple? Have you ever gotten the vibe of happiness, loneliness, fun and maybe awkwardness just looking at a photo?
Making moments last forever is magical. Years go by, people change, appearances change, settings and circumstances change and yet you have a piece, a tangible piece of the moment you enjoyed, you were truly happy in. There are a few things in life as valuable as the memories that we have. And this is what makes photography a magical art worth of appreciation and celebration.

For the aforementioned valid purpose, I present some of the most unique moments captured by my camera to different renowned competitions. And they do get appreciated. Here we would love to share with you the joy of our success, our awards – another source of motivation apart from the happy and satisfied eyes of our clients.

Vick Jabarian Award

Family Love

My favorite part of a wedding day is the reception when everyone is happy and ready to party. This is the moment when the bride accidentally ran to her father after the showman introduced the bride and the groom to the guests. Just look at how magical the shot is – the amount of love, care and appreciation it depicts!

Bridal Party Portrait | Award nominated

Bridal Party Portrait

I immediately got excited when the bride and the groom told me that they wanted a photo session at the casino de Montreal. That meant something creative, unique and different will come out of it.

3rd place Award | Vick Vatche Jabarian

First Dance

This picture is a perfect depiction of how crazy the wedding party was. When I was about to start shooting the couple dance hoping to capture a nice and emotional moment, the young boy ran to them and posed himself to throw something. I could sense that a phenomenal and award-winning photo is on its way.

Award winning photographer in Montreal

Engagement Portrait

This photo was taken in France, while we were strolling along the narrow streets of Nice. There was a very nice shop on our way that would be perfect for a couple photo. While I was placing the couple and checking the light… I saw a man walking his dog right beside us and just captured the funny moment in my camera.

Award of photo | Kids Being Kids

Kids Being Kids

From the beginning of this wedding day in Montreal I noticed that this kid was something else. She was doing all kinds of hilarious things all throughout the day, and I had the gut feeling that she will grant me an award-winning photo with just her presence.

Montreal award winning photographer

Framing the Subject

During this Montreal engagement session I saw these white circle lights on the wall and I wanted to place the couple in front of one of them to see my framing… This idea I got from the Apple brand logo.


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