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I am Vatche “Vick” Jabarian

I am a Montreal-based wedding photographer providing services locally and globally. And I gladly invite you to explore my world of memorable and lively imageries created with deep love and thoughtfulness. Our approach to every event is directed by utmost care, dedication and undivided attention. That is why every year we photograph only a select number of weddings. There is one goal that we pursue – the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our page.

Make sure to contact us and maybe book a spot for your event. Let us capture the special moments of your day and make your memories tangible!


Hi there!
As you probably already know I’m Vatche “Vick” Jabarian, a Montreal-based wedding photographer! Photography is what inspires and fulfills me. It is the way I have chosen to serve others by making their special moments last forever.
And to fully realise my calling, I founded Prizma Productions in 2003.

Vick Jabarian | Montreal based photographer
Vatche Vick Jabarian | Wedding photographer
about Vatche Vick Jabarian


Now, not only do I get to spend my time capturing beautiful images, but I play an integral part in preserving the memories that are important to others. These rewarding experiences led me to a concept which has resonated with me ever since. When light is reflected in a prism at exactly the right angle and time, it creates a rainbow; a fleeting image created by perfect conditions. I believe it is the job of the photographer to not only capture these elusive images before they are gone, but to create an atmosphere for these moments to occur. With the right lighting, setting and timing, your memories aren't just preserved, they're transformed into thoughtful art that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Vick Jabarian Taking a photo of bride and groom
Vick Vatche Jabarian | Wedding photographer in Montreal


The deep appreciation for capturing the beautiful moments of life could already be seen in me from my early years.

Luckily enough, my father noticed this passion of mine and introduced me to photography when I was just 10. That was the beginning of the utterly satisfying journey of being a photographer. Family events, family moments, vacations, celebrations… the list can go on. But there has been one type of celebration that inspired me and continues to do so more than the others… Yes! You’re absolutely right – weddings! Capturing the beginning of a whole new story of two people, all of those euphoric feelings when the two are on top of the world imposes the best vibes and brings the best out of me as a photographer. I absolutely delight in being a part of such a momentous occasion. It was only natural that my love for photography and weddings would set the course for my future.


You are welcome to take a look at the memories created at Prizma Productions with the deepest care and an utterly artistic approach.


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